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Our counselors have worked with many transfer students over the years. Because they have already experienced college life, we can help them use their knowledge of what they did and did not like about their current situation to find the right fit. For those coming from a community college, we can orient them to the application process from the transfer perspective, and assess their best fit socially as well as academically. We offer guidance with the preparation of a balanced and strategic college list, support with writing the transfer application essays and statements, as well as assistance with any other aspect that comes up in the application process. As with our high school clients, we break the process down into manageable steps and keep them on track as they juggle their many responsibilities. We are very familiar with the general education requirements (IGETC) of the UC’s and CSU’s and are experts at helping transfers from local community colleges. As with our high school clients, we have also helped students switching from colleges around the country, whether applying to the UC’s or other public or private universities.