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"College Counseling Associates has been my lifeline for two years. Having two children apply to college one year after another was difficult. The guidance and experience of our counselor simplified the process and eased the anxiety that goes along with the entire application process. Being Canadian, our family was not familiar with college admissions in the United States and so this assistance was invaluable. By the second time around I was minimally involved, confident that timelines were being met and all paperwork was being filed. I am happy to say I have two college students that are extremely content with their college decisions." Gunn High School parent (son at Claremont McKenna College, daughter at University of Wisconsin-Madison)
“I can’t remember if I sent you a letter earlier letting you know what a wonderful college experience Greg is having at Boulder, Colorado. He enjoys the campus, students, school and is making a lot of friends. You did an outstanding job in helping him prepare for his SAT’s and walking him through the college selection process. In particular, I am especially grateful that your involvement allowed Greg to select the school that was best suited for him and not a school I might have selected for me. Thank you again for helping my son to have a wonderful college experience.” Los Altos High School parent
“I just wanted to say thank you again for your help last year. Your cheeriness, good advice and steady support and encouragement made our lives much easier in a pressured (or what seemed like a pressured) situation.” St. Ignatius parent, (daughter attended Boston College)
 “Thank you for all your help! You were such a huge help guiding us through the maze of college tests and applications. I truly believe without your help, Will would not be attending a university next year. We are forever in your debt. I can not recommend your services enough!”
Menlo Atherton High School parent, (son attending UC Santa Cruz)
“You were invaluable to us. Your calm, professional, warm demeanor defused a very stressful time for all and the constant encouragement you gave to Alexis gave her the confidence to write her own essays and complete her own applications. I shall forever be grateful to my friends for recommending you and would be happy to be a reference if you need one.” Los Altos High School parent, (daughter attending Pepperdine)

“Our sincere thanks to you for all the guidance and time you gave to David. He’s very pleased with his choice and looks forward to a great start to his college years. You’re the best!”
Gunn High School parent, (son attended Oberlin College)

“I appreciate all of your work. You were so positive and made the process so smooth.”
Aragon High School parent, (daughter attended University of Oregon)

“Thank you for your consultation with our son; you really motivated us with his application process. He is off to Princeton in the fall and will be playing water polo for them. Thank you and we will always remember the excellent help you provided with both of our kids.” Saint Francis parent

“We can’t thank you enough. You made the whole process painless during a time when the stress level is especially high. With your help, we had a plan; we were able to go into the process with our eyes open and came out feeling incredibly successful, and most important we’re still speaking to each other!”
Los Altos High School parent, (son attending University of San Diego)

“College Counseling Associates was fantastic. I really appreciate your hard work and will always recommend your service to my friends and clients.” Bellarmine College Prep parent, (son attending Loyola Marymount University)