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Our counselors are informed about and sensitive to students with learning differences, emotional disorders, and other disabilities. We can answer questions about what to reveal on a college application or in an essay about the disability, recommend colleges with a range of support services, and help students articulate their academic strengths and weaknesses. This process helps students build both the confidence and the skills to become strong self-advocates in college.

We have worked with students of all different diagnoses including: auditory and visual processing disorders, dysgraphia, dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome, the autism spectrum, hearing-impaired, bipolar, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. We make it a safe, comfortable place to discuss these sensitive issues and decide how to best present them in the application. Our goal is to help students choose a college that is the best match for their specific needs.

• We have visited and are in contact with LD offices at many colleges and are familiar with their services.  
• For students with documented learning differences, we check documentation to make sure that it is both recent enough and appropriate.