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We have worked with students from many different countries in person, as well as by Skype, phone and email.

For students applying from abroad the U.S. college application process is complicated. You need a reliable state-side resource to help in choosing appropriate programs and schools, assist with coordinating applications and credentials, and act as a liaison to follow-up with your applications. International students, depending on the country they come from, the language they speak, and the type of secondary school (high school) they attend, will have additional application requirements, such as educational credentials evaluated by a professional service, proof of English-language ability (through the TOEFL or other tests), as well as proof of financial ability to pay tuition.

We have had clients from all over the world, including Japan, India, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, China, Korea, Great Britain, and Russia.
Help in choosing appropriate programs and schools
- Assist with coordinating applications and credentials
- Act as a liaison to follow-up with your applications