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CCA understands and appreciates the importance of the student athlete making the right choices. A significant part of our process is to find an athletic program and university match that will provide the most successful college experience for our clients.

Regardless of athletic skill level, a student’s dedication to his/her sport throughout high school can enhance the college application. DI, DII, and DIII programs all recruit at some level, independent of scholarship availability, while alternatives are club sports and intramurals.

Our counselors have worked with student athletes involved in swimming, soccer, golf, rowing, football, field hockey, squash, basketball, tennis, softball, baseball, track and field, cross country, water polo, lacrosse, equestrian, volleyball, diving, skiing, cheerleading, fencing, ice hockey, gymnastics, rugby, and sailing. We have helped students gain admission to Divisions I, II and III, at universities spanning from the Ivy League to the New England elite liberal arts colleges, from the UCs to the Big 10, and beyond.

All our counselors have worked with recruited athletes, and before working with us at CCA, Robin Lent had her own company specifically guiding and assisting prospective student athletes.